Some day, you will meet your home–

There’s a sound I will always remember. The sound of a body bag and a mortuary crane. Oh, how the yellow zips clipped and crackled my chest, Closing off things i never thought were open– Like the memories of you that I always cherish, Like the sound of your voice when laughter bursts of your…Read more »

Cry, my beloved country (a poem)

Cry, my beloved country For your children have forsaken you. They have placed themselves above freedom Turned their children to serpents, Cry, my beloved country, For your children weep with you, too.   Cry, my beloved country– For your children no longer have a home, For men have placed duty of themselves before you, For…Read more »

I love a boy, and he left me– a poem

“My hobbies include having conversations with myself–  Like how I could approach a boy today,  Without scaring him or sounding too dumb,  Without outsmarting him, because that would be too proud,  Like how I could introduce myself, without talking about the boy, I once loved Or the boy I was once was.  But I can’t…Read more »

The inseparable kind of love—

I want love, more than a good time. Love, that is more than park walks.I want love, that surpasses mens’ imagination — Love that is more, Than the word. Yet sought after by the world; consummate and assurant Kind of love. I want I-could-write-home kind of love, About dreams-shared-and-destinies-unknown-kind-of-love, Unfathomable, love, I want love that…Read more »

A Soothing Song & a Cliche

Maybe I will seek your sunsets. Maybe I will hide ‘neath your air– Your dazzling, peaceful and assuring air. The smoothness of your voice, The assurance of your eyes, The forgiving embrace of your arms, The mystifying smile, Which knocks me dead. Your bewitching sight, Softening mine heart of stone.   If your love be…Read more »