The inseparable kind of love—

I want love, more than a good time. Love,

that is more than park walks.I want love,

that surpasses mens’ imagination

— Love that is more,

Than the word. Yet sought

after by the world; consummate and assurant

Kind of love. I want I-could-write-home kind of love,

About dreams-shared-and-destinies-unknown-kind-of-love,

Unfathomable, love, I want love that is more.

Not a good time. More than the tingling cold touch

of your hands, more than the butterflies in my stomach,

Love free from cliches. I want real love.

Like hopeful kind of love. Like I want to love you better,

But I don’t know how. Kind of love.

I want your dreams to know the scent of my skin.

The inseparable kind of love—

I want love—

Not you.

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