A Soothing Song & a Cliche

Maybe I will seek your sunsets.

Maybe I will hide ‘neath your air–

Your dazzling, peaceful and assuring air.

The smoothness of your voice,

The assurance of your eyes,

The forgiving embrace of your arms,

The mystifying smile,

Which knocks me dead.

Your bewitching sight,

Softening mine heart of stone.


If your love be not enough,

What shall be?

If your eyes be not assuring,

Where will I find mine peace?

If joy be absent in your laughter,

What sound shall I dance to?

If mine heart can’t love anymore,

How best shall I live?


Aren’t you a prayer,

And a soft whisper?

Aren’t you joy

And assurance?

Aren’t you free of contradictions

And complete with concessions?

Aren’t you an evening star,

And forgiving light of dawn?

Aren’t you the sun,

And the strength of my youth?

Aren’t you just a beautiful breeze–

A wildfire in a winter veld,

A soothing song full of joy?

Aren’t you just a cliche?

2 Replies to “A Soothing Song & a Cliche”

  1. Reblogged this on rayofafrica and commented:
    This is a beautiful piece of artwork by a stranger whose slowly becoming friend I never knew I had or needed.I hope it speaks to you as much as it did for me …suspended in it’s inviting ease.

    Liked by 1 person

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