10 Ways of Looking at Red Caps



Of the many things

You will see,

Red caps hang everywhere

With thick white embroidery

Thicker than the minority bloodshed

Yet unspoken about

A deafening experience


They will hang

On bulging white heads


Men whose inflated egos exceed Mount Kilimanjaro

In height

Terrified yet ecstatic in malice and hate


You will see them

On bodies meant to protect


Yet worn to kill


A terrified man and a red cap,



Don’t be afraid,

They tell you

Like Judas to Jesus


I can’t breathe

You tell them

It doesn’t matter,

They concede


Grab her

By the pussy*

They continue to say,

Locker-room talk,

They justify,

Yet you’re one in three

You’re not safe in school

Because Brock Turner

You remember


Trust the system,

They assure you,

Treyvonne Martin and every black and brown body

You remind them


From the crackling of chains

In West African Coasts

To the cracks of dawn on cotton fields

You have been bruised eternally


The red cap won,

It must be the KKK


Published by

Belo M

Black & Conscious| Education Enthusiast|Feminist|Chimamanda's Day1 |Entertainer & Blogger |

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