Liberating My Soul Through Love

To love yourself it to be liberated,

It is to acknowledge that your mind has been colonized and paralyzed by fear–

Taking away all that you are and replacing it with what makes you inferior.

It is loving through your thick lips

It is knowing that you don’t need red lipstick to make them succulent and elaborate

It is knowing that your lips might be thick and capable of liberating other souls when words of wisdom depart from them

It is loving your freelocks and growing them to touch the ground and feeling no shame

It is adorning them with red, yellow and black to liberate them from the forces of oppression that have kept you prisoner and made you succumb to inferiority.

To love yourself is to be a black man who can sway his hips without any fear or guilt

It is taking every step gracefully and apologetically to show you have been liberated and the world is your runway

It is to know that pieces of you have been broken and scattered but you remain whole because you are loved

To love yourself is to set yourself free

Setting your soul free from malice and turmoil

It is loving your neighbour like you love your brother and loving your brother like you love yourself

It is acknowledging that you are free from the world and an agent of change to yourself

To love yourself is to be a torchbearer of liberation

It is to release yourself from the bondage and the curse of being more “woke-than-whoever” and learning to stick up for yourself and brothers.

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