A Short Note to Bambino

Dear Bambino,

Most days, if not everyday, you are the reason I smile and fantasize about what each day might bring. Forgive me if this is too deep and emotional but I am writing this with eyes flooded with tears and a heart overflowing with worry.

I am worried about you. I am scared and worried that some day, if not already, you might get exasperated by being the comforter when I feel like the wall of my life are crumbling, and reminding me of my worth.

I am worried that you might become a victim of my venomous bites. At times, I am like a snake seeking a prey–I bite although that is not always my intention. Because I am used to attacks, I use my love and affection as venom.

I am worried that I might break your heart. I am like a dynamite waiting to explode; and I explode at the most random times. I swear, I don’t want to tear you apart.

I worry too much because you are the reason I smile even when all things that matter are a frown.

I worry and smile because of you



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