South Africa, but why?

It is not a fear of foreigners that is to be blamed. It is the deep desire rooted in hatred that is seen as fear that makes us want to make people into our unfounded and illusive ideal of the South African identity. It is this desire that makes us hate our fellow African brethren. A deep Shona accent or any “foreign” accent for that matter is a call for victimization. Victim of hate, violence and exploitation. We uphold our national pride over the lives of other humans. This hatred that seems to be engraved in our identity segregates others. It victimizes one to stoning, iron rodding and torture. The wages that most foreign nationals get is dehumanizing. They work harder that most of us do. We do not hate them because they are Zimbabwean, Malawian, Congolese or Basotho but because they do not fit into our “lazy” national traits.

What we are doing is unjustifiable. This hatred is no different from the racial profiling of Black people in America. It is not absolutely different from the cops shooting young black men for no apparent reason. This desire to make people fit into our outrageous quest is the same as Hitler’s killing of the Jews. Hitler killed the Jews because he wanted to preserve the ideal German identity. He killed them because he wanted to create more living space for non-Jewish people. It is absurd and so is the killing and attack of our brothers and sisters. In actual fact, we are little Hitler(s). We are cold blooded murderers like him. Evil cold monsters like Hitler on African soil.

We seem to have forgotten where we come from. We are chewing the hands that once fed us. Now that we are full, we are becoming ungrateful pigs. Our problem is that we always want to shift the blame. Scapegoating will not solve the terrible and unbearable socioeconomic horrors we face. Undeniably, apartheid left a terrible legacy for South Africa. Killing people is not a guarantee of employment. My mother has been unemployed for the longest time I can recall.  Foreigners did not take away her job. Nor did they take my brother’s job. Most of our people, including my brother and mother, are not equipped with any viable skills like the alleged job thieves we are so desperate to get rid of. The issue rather we should be addressing rather is – how do we equip our people with these skills? How do we structure our educational policies to equip our people with relevant and transformative skills? We should be putting pressure on our government. The same government that has officials who lack integrity given the number of jobs they have sold to the foreign nationals. Is it their fault that jobs are for sale? We are not scared of foreigners. We are using hatred to mask our fear of seeming inadequate.

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